Room to improve at Galloway hospital

Healthcare Improvement Scotland has published a report relating to an unannounced inspection visit to Galloway Community Hospital.

The inspection visit took place from 19-20 January 2016.

HIS last inspected Galloway Community Hospital in March 2015 as an unannounced follow-up inspection, which resulted in 16 areas for improvement.

It carried out an unannounced inspection to Galloway Community Hospital from Tuesday 19 to Wednesday 20 January 2016 inspecting the following wards: Dalrymple ward (Assessment and Rehabilitation/Palliative care), and Garrick ward (Acute medical admission/stroke).

Areas of good practice were that NHS Dumfries & Galloway was performing well in relation to the care provided to older people in acute hospitals including providing meals to patients who require assistance, 30 minutes earlier than other patients, to allow staff time to support them with their meal, and flexibility in obtaining additional or alternative food and snacks for patients.

HIS found that further improvement is required in the following areas: Ensure all patients are assessed within the national standard recommended timescales; Ensure all medical and nursing documentation is legible, dated, timed and signed. Documentation should provide details of any assessments and reviews undertaken, and provide clear evidence of the arrangements made for future and ongoing care, including detailed information on care and treatment; Ensure staff comply with all legislative and professional guidelines, national standards of care and local NHS Board policies and documentation relating to patient care.

Jacqui Macrae, Head of Quality of Care for HIS, said: “We noted areas of good practice and examples of positive interactions between staff and patients.

“We did, however, identify areas where the Board can make further improvements. For example, it is essential all medical and nursing documentation is legible, dated, timed and signed. It is also important that documentation provide details of any assessments and reviews undertaken.”