Roads programme on track

THE leaders of both the coun-cil’s planning and roads depart­ments had a crisis meeting this week about the state of the roads in the region.

The outcome was due to be 
relayed verbally to elected members attending yesterday’s 
planning, housing and environ­ment services commit­tee in Dumfries.

During yesterday’s meeting, coun­cillors were asked to recognise the progress being made by the local authority in maintaining the roads network.

Available funding for roads maintenance projects in 2012/13 stands at £5.5 million and the meeting papers detail the lengthy list of roads that have been or are awaiting repair and maintenance.

The report goes on to say: “DG First is confident of completing the delivery of these road surfacing programmes in the current financial year, although a number of the surfacing schemes have been delayed in relation to their originally programmed dates. Once a scheme has been identified, the planning, programming, procurement and delivery process can be lengthy. All of the works have to be registered with the Scottish Road Works register at least three months in advance of any works starting on site. However the timing of funding allocations for roads structural maintenance, coupled with the statutory noticing periods, can result in programmes being delayed to avoid adverse weather. An example of this is the award of the additional £1 million by the policy and resources committee on August 14, 2012. Even those schemes previously identified and thus ready for procurement still require three months notice and could not have been delivered before November 2012.”

Statistics show that 61 per cent of the surfacing schemes are in progress or have been completed and the 39 per cent of schemes left are due for completion by February and March.

Roads due for repair this month and next month under the Rural Lifeline Links programme include: the U72w Mahaar road; the U371w Kilquihirn road and the U306w Park Lane, Whithorn.

Residential roads due for repair in the next two months include: Stair Street and Mill Street, Drummore and Glengyre junction; Stewart of Garlies, Glebe Crescent, Kay Avenue, Cree Avenue and Barrhill Avenue, Newton Stewart, and Cowgate, Garlieston.