Roads network is better but work still badly needed on A75

Elected members urged council officers responsible for the region’s road network to get the message through to the Scottish Government to improve the condition of the A75 Euro route.

The stretch at Barlae, said Councillor Alistair Geddes, at Wednesday’s area committee meeting was “dangerous” with the westbound stretch uneven and drivers subjected to different cambers.

The councillors praised the council officials for work done to improve roads within the Wigtown area.

Statistics showed that 88 per cent of carriageway defects were repaired with in the timescale requires in 2015-2016 compared with 57 per cent in 2013-2014.

Mid Galloway Councillor noted that B roads were more in need of maintenance in Wigtown than elsewhere this year but, explained, roads officer James McLeod, some years show more defects than others as they are only inspected in one direction each year, alternately.