Road dispute halts logging at Moss of Cree

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The Forestry Commission have postponed the start of logging operations down the Moss of Cree road after concerns from local residents.

A meeting on Monday between the FC and representatives of the Carty Port Community Company was arranged to see if both parties could come to an agreement about what route, it was decided to halt the proposed timber extraction until an agreement could be reached. The FC want its logging lorries to come out onto the A714 at Lamachan View but the residents would prefer the trucks to use an alternative route that comes onto the main road near Baltersan Farm.

A spokesman for the Forestry Commission Scotland said: “The meeting was very useful and constructive. It is clear that the residents still have concerns over perceived disruption over the forest road construction and subsequent timber haulage. We have tried to assure the community over this. Both the Commission and the Council have real safety concerns over creating another access onto the fast Baltersan straight section of the A714. We are all keen to find a practical solution to this issue. In light of the continued concerns expressed by the residents, Forestry Commission Scotland has suspended the tender process for the building of the forest road. This will give the Council an opportunity to properly assess whether an alternative safe access route can be found along the Baltersan section of the A714. We all agreed that any alternative route would have to be at least as safe as the current access to Carty Port at Lamachan View.

“We will all meet again to discuss this later next month.”