Resident pleads for police patrols

A resident of Queen Street 
in Newton Stewart attended the meeting of Cree Valley Community Council this week to ask for an increase in police foot patrols.

Jim Brown asked members of CVCC to formally support his request at Monday night’s monthly meeting in the town’s McMillan Hall as he was concerned about youths hanging about the Co-op and the steps of The Cinema.

Police officer Nicola McFad­zean, who was attending the meeting, said that a special operation of day and night foot patrols had taken place in December and had been very successful. Mr Brown inquired if this was a one-off or if it would be continuing. PC McFadzean said foot patrols were part of the force’s “everyday duties” but it was also inquiry-dependent as the number of officers available could be fluctuate according to what other duties they had in the wide rural area that Newton Stewart police cover. But she added that she would take Mr Brown’s comments back to the station.

In her monthly report to the CVCC, the officer intimated there had been a few “alcohol-fuelled incidents” during the festive season but that these had been dealt with “robustly”.

Police had repeated their young drivers course with the Douglas Ewart High School this year and PC McFadzean was please to say that 23 under-17s had passed.