Replacement plans for ‘dangerous’ shop

42 Albert Street
42 Albert Street

A prominent 1800s building on Newton Stewart’s Albert Street deemed as dangerous due to its dilapidated state is set to be demolished.

The former ironmongers, ice cream parlour and book shop adjacent to AB&A Matthews has been left to rot since the last tenant vacated the building several years ago, and now planning permission is being sought to pull it down.

A recent structural report found that the fabric of the unlisted building, which has been in ownership of the neighbouring companyAB&A Matthews for 10 years, is “generally poor with many structural problems including significant cracking to the front and gable elevations, outward movement to both these elevations, undulating roof structure and excessive damp ingress through the roof and to external walls.”

It added: “The roof structure is imminently in danger of collapse and that this would most probably cause partial collapse of the front and gable walls.”

The plan is to now have it demolished and replaced with a similar-sized shop with a frontage more or less mirroring that of the old building.

A submission to planners from architect Sue Hudson says: “Given the current physical condition of no. 42 Albert Street, it actually detracts from both the street scene and the conservation area in general. Its loss would not be detrimental to the street scene and, given a good replacement building, could result in the building on this site making a positive contribution to the conservation area once more.”