Renewed appeal for missing camera

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A family who lost their camera in Garlieston in August are renewing their appeal for the precious memory card inside.

The Aldren family are distraught over losing their round-the-world photos from a recent trip and are asking us to spread the word to help them find it. The family from Kendall were on the beach at Eggerness on August 10th (Saturday) when the Canon camera in a light blue canvas case slipped from their bag near a bench at the point.

The Aldrens later found out that a woman is known to have found it and asked various people on the beach if it belonged to them in a bid to find the owner. The family had to leave two days later but contacted local police and had posters put up to trace the camera.

Call the Aldrens on 0153972947 or 07514273430 if you can help that pin down their memories.