Removal of street lighting after complaints is ‘unacceptable’

The removal of a light on an Old Minnigaff street has been branded unacceptable by local councillors.

The light, having been fitted recently as part of a new network of lighting in the area, was apparently causing issues for neighbours and has since been removed, Cree Valley Community Council members have been led to believe.

Members heard on Monday from community councillor Clifford Smithers that the area on Old Edinburgh Road is now in complete darkness and is causing a hazard for pedestrians.

He said: “It was bad before so they put this light up but it’s now vanished and it’s just back to how it was.

“It’s pitch black and there’s a car parked there on the rod too, which isn’t safe for anyone walking around it.”

Elected member, Councillor Jim McColm, said he had concerns over the costs involved.

He added: “Presumably, the light pole was fitted at considerable expense to the authority.

“It’s a community asset and is not there for the benefit of individual residents. It’s not right for it to be removed at their request.”

Other councillors suggested alternatives could have been looked at auch as shading or re-aligning the direction of lightflow, but it was presumed none of this had been attempted.Elected member, Councillor Alistair Geddes, said: “If a light is there, it’s on the basis that it was needed. What case does the council have to remove it without what some would say was the correct authority to do so? It’s totally unacceptable.

“I have a bright street light a few yards from my bedroom window – does this now set a precendence? Can I ask for that to be removed?”