Recycling is rubbish

Eye witnesses claim this debris came out of recycling lorries
Eye witnesses claim this debris came out of recycling lorries

Homeowners religiously following the council’s new recycling rules are raging after seeing plastic cartons litter the A75.

The cartons are collected and bound for a recycling centre but are littering the side of the A75 after allegedly falling out of the new style bin lorries.

One exasperated resident, who did not want to be named, said: “What’s the point in taking the time to recycle if it’s going to end up on the roadside?”

“I have heard a lot of people talking about this. They are all complaining about stuff flying out of the bin lorries. It’s all over the place. I am very annoyed about it when we are all doing our bit.”

The complainer contacted the council last week after seeing debris falling out of the side of a new recycling vehicle on the A75 just outside Newton Stewart. When our photographer visited the location on Wednesday given it was still littered with around 30 small milk cartons. The new recycling wagons have different compartments for recycling plastic, metal, paper and cardboard, but if claims the flaps are not being secured by the operators are correct, then logically the lighter items, like plastic cartons, are vulnerable. A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of this problem and are working to resolve the issue.” Any members of the public who witness such incidents are asked to note times, location and registration of the vehicle.