Recycling centre to open soon

The long-awaited official opening of the £500,000 household waste recycling centre at Barnkirk, Newton Stewart will happen within the month.

Dumfries and Galloway Council officials confirmed yesterday they are in the final stages of negations with interested parties ahead of getting the new recycling site operational after original plans to open in April were delayed.

The site will be able to recycle soil and rubble, gas bottles, asbestos, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, waste engine oil, fluorescent tubes and low energy bulbs, textiles and shoes, paper, cans, car and household batteries, televisions and monitors, small and large domestic appliances, small and large non-recyclable waste, wood, green waste, scrap metal, fridges and freezers, recyclable items and nonconforming waste.

To balance out the council’s costs,
the opening of the centre at Newton Stewart will mean an adjustment in the current opening
hours of the centre at Whithorn, The current hours at are Whithorn are - closed Tuesday and Wednesday, open all other days from 10.00am to 4.00pm but opening hours will be affected throughout the region to facilitate the Newton Stewart Centre.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes commented: “While I appreciate that due process has got to be gone through with Shanks, before the new centre can become operational, I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the length of time which it is taking to do so. This will be a valued and much needed facility for Mid-Galloway and beyond and one that I have campaigned for unremittingly over the last several years. I would therefore hope that the period of “within the month” can be significantly shortened, as, in my view, we’ve waited overlong as it is!