Rapper is a big hit

A NEWTON Stewart rapper is making waves on the music scene with his new EP around the corner and gigs in Glasgow under his belt.

Daniel Muir, or Dee as he is known, is just 18 but has already begun collaborating with other artists and has released his work on YouTube to much acclaim.

Former Douglas Ewart High School pupil Dee began writing his own lyrics at the age of 14 and, fresh out of school following his Standard grades, began recording on a cheap microphone he picked up in Tesco but has since had 50,000 views on his YouTube channel.

Dee said: “The feedback was mostly positive, with some negative. I had a good amount of people tell me that they enjoyed my music, but I also got a bit of stick for it. I guess it’s a genre of music that someone from this area has never really done before, so it was new to people.”

Dee’s first mixtape was released on Christmas eve 2010 and received 400 downloads.

He went on: “Since then, I feel I have improved massively as an artist. With newer and better equipment, over the past year I have been releasing tracks regulary and have managed to build up a fan base that is constantly growing. I like to write lyrics about things that people can relate to, rather than typicla hip-hop subjects like cars, money and guns.”

Dee’s next mixtape, entitled Unmatched, will be released in the next few months with around 15 new original tracks and his EP, titled Living Proof, which will be professionally studio recorded and mastered, is due to be released later in the year.

He is also working on a seperate EP with upcoming singer/songwriter from Bishopton, Nicole Kane. And he is starting a sound production course at Ayr College in August.

He added: “I regularly get people who said my music was bad when I started telling me that I have improved and they like it now.”

Dee has gigged at Retrospect in Glasgow alongside other upcoming Scottish artists such as Madhat Mcgore, who played the BBC Introducing stage at T In The Park last year, Snow & Bar, Domi Boi who played Youth Beatz in Dumfries last year and many more. Look out for Dee on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DeeMusicOfficial for news and links to his YouTube channel.