Rapist jailed for eight years

A 30-year-old man who raped a Stranraer woman six years ago before raping another woman Lockerbie has been jailed for eight years.

Kenneth Davidson was also found guilty of the attempted rape of a Dalbeattie 15-year-old and admitted charges of molesting an underage girl.

At the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday Lord Jones told Davidson, whose address is given as Dumfries Prison, that the charges were “serious offences” all involving vulnerable girls or women.

Lord Jones said Davidson, “showed no recognition of the impact of the offences on the victims”, and pointed out that he continued to deny the charges.

Lord Jones pointed out that Davidson had a long record of offending dating back to when he was 16.

Davidson was earlier convicted of the two rapes and attempted rape at a trial. He admitted the further charge of indecency towards the underage girl between 2002 and 2004. He was acquitted of further charges of rape and assault.

He tried to rape the 15-year-old at a house in Dalbeattie in 2006. He attacked the first rape victim at an address in Stranraer in 2008 and raped the second woman at a house in Lockerbie in 2010. The prosecutor said the other rape victim was a “clearly vulnerable young woman” who was in receipt of disability living allowance.

The teenage victim of the rape attempt said she had asked him to stop, but the assault only ended when she said she thought she had heard someone coming up the stairs.

Advocate depute Paul Kearney told the earlier trial that Davidson must have known the women were not consenting because they were struggling, telling him to stop or crying.

Defence counsel Matt Jackson said Davidson maintained his position of innocence.

He added that Davidson realised that he faced a lengthy prison sentence. “He is braced for that,” he said.