R&D workforce won’t see cash until end of May

THE workforce of bust cuilding firm R&D are still weeks from seeing their redundancy cash.

Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown said that whilst he is relieved to hear from the administrators that the paperwork to ensure payment of redundancy money, holiday pay and outstanding wages is now with the Redundancy Payment Unit of the Insolvency Service, it could be weeks before it is made available.

The paperwork will now be processed and the workforce will receive the money they are owed by the end of May.

MP Russell Brown said: “Like everyone, the R&D workforce has bills to pay and I share their frustration that they are still waiting for what they are owed. It is unfortunate that the sheer number of people the Insolvency Service is dealing with across the country, and the recent holiday weekends, means they won’t have the money in their bank until end of May. I have spoken with them to stress how important it is that the paperwork is pushed through as quickly as possible.

“While ensuring the workforce are paid quickly is the most immediate concern, it’s important that the administrators and DGHP keep talking to get these building sites open again as quickly as possible. I fully recognise that the parties involved are dealing with the complex contract situation and are desperately seeking to get the contracts operational again and work restarted. The workforce wants to get back out doing their jobs.”