R&D petition handed over to parliament

Dumfries and District Trades Union Council (TUC) has submitted its petition calling on the Scottish Parliament to investigate events connected with the awarding of a £77 million contract to former Dumfries and Galloway building company, R & D Construction Ltd, in 2009.

The company went bust after beginning work on the regeneration of housing in Stranraer and Dumfries.

Dumfries TUC secretary John Dennis said: “We are calling on Mr Eadie and all the other members of the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee to take appropriate action at their next meeting on the 18th of this month to get answers to the questions raised in our petition, which we launched in January. We believe that only a judicial review is capable of achieving this.

“Our purpose in creating the petition was to give expression to the frustration felt by many creditors and tenants about the totally unacceptable lack of due diligence, and subsequent scrutiny by Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership (DGHP), the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) – and possibly other individuals and agencies – of the award of the contract to R & D Construction Ltd, and also the quality of the work done before the company went bust. We also want to know what exactly happened to all the £77 million of public funds.” 

The online petition, containing 127 signatures, was combined with the paper version, containing a further 151 signatures, and sent to the Scottish Parliament committee.

Of the 278 signatures, most – as we anticipated – are from creditors of R & D Construction and their families or from DGHP tenants and their families,