Pupils name Threave ospreys

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The pupils of Castle Douglas Primary School have chosen names for the ospreys which are currently nesting at the National Trust for Scotland’s Threave Estate.

A male – known until now as Black 80 – and an unnamed female have successfully bred again at the site this year.

Now, primary five and six children from Castle Douglas have taken part in an arty activity that selected names for the pair of raptors.

Osprey ranger Tom Hall explained: “Twelve pupils worked together to create the female osprey and 12 other pupils completed the male. They used arts and craft materials such as feathers, paper, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, paints and glitter to create their beautiful ospreys. They then learned a few osprey facts and noted them down on the poster.

“Once these masterpieces were complete, it was time to decide the names of the ospreys. Each child was given a fish, on which they wrote the name they wanted for the osprey they created. They also did some splendid art work on the fish too.

“The awesome activity then involved pinning the fish blindfolded onto a target below the talons of the male and female ospreys. It was very similar to pin the tail on the donkey. After a few spins and giggles, each child pinned their fish near the target. Some were more successful than others. After some hilarious activity from the children the names were chosen.

“A clear winner for the female osprey was Olivia and by a whisker the male osprey was Ozzie.”

Tom will be going into Gelston Primary School soon so that the osprey chick can be named in a similar process.