Pupil’s poster to help police

Finlay Fergusson with his winning poster
Finlay Fergusson with his winning poster

A SANDHEAD Primary School pupil has assisted police in a road safety campaign by designing a warning poster for them.

Finlay Fergusson, 11, will see his picture of a tractor driver talking on a mobile phone used across the region in a bid to tackle the ongoing offence of motorists using hand held devices whilst driving.

Police have been talking to school pupils about this and other offences and pupils in upper school classes have been invited to think carefully about road safety by being tasked with designing a poster or leaflet to encourage the whole community to think about being a safe road user.

The children were given a number of themes to cover, including the wearing of seat belts, being seen or high visibility, drink driving and the use of mobile phones whilst driving. The choice of subject was varied.

Using a mobile telephone whilst driving has been a factor in many road traffic collisions.

It is hoped that by using a child’s perspective on these subjects the safety message will be refreshed and remembered not only by their peers but by the whole community.