Protesters fight marina plan

A DAY of protest took place in Stranraer last Saturday by locals who feel their wishes aren’t being taken into account when it comes to the town’s regeneration.

The peaceful protest day of activities, with carol singers, musicians and speakers, was held in a bid to get their voices heard as hundreds gathered at Castle Green.

The locals said their patience was being tested by the refusal of Dumfries and Galloway Council to respect the wishes of the people regarding the Waterfront development. Many hundreds had already signed an online petition to be presented to the council and a further 800 signatures were gathered on Saturday.

Organiser Pauline Baxter said: “We collected 800 signa­tures in the space of three hours, a record for Stranraer as far as I am aware. The Stranraer TLC Open for Business group believed there were upwards of 2000 signatures given to the councillors ahead of the fulll council meeting on Thursday.

“Stranraer Music Town wishes to state that while we are 100 percent behind the ‘wish list’, we do believe that the marina should be developed in tandem with the town. We wish to see Stranaer as a Music Town – to make it a destination that people will recognise for the vast array of music already available, and the music we are in the process of helping to promote in the town for the coming years.”

Willie Scobie, local councillor, said: “The locals want a town to be proud of. I am being inundated on a daily basis by residents contacting me to express their anger and disbelief that Dumfries council has disrespected their views. Let’s face it – they live here, they know the area, they know the dynamics in the town, not people who sit in Dumfries council. So why are they being ignored? I fear the council and some of the politicians who went against the wishes of the residents have grossly underestimated the strength of feeling regarding the redevelopment plans.”

Further activity is planned as it is discussed at Dumfries and Galloway council meeting.