Praise from inspectors for Port William Primary School

Education Scotland’s inspection of Port William Primary School found that children achieve well across the school and are happy and well motivated by their learning experiences, a report said this week.

Children were found to be making good progress in literacy and English, numeracy and, and were able to write well across different curriculum areas through a range of real-life contexts.

The report added that the school has made ‘very good’ progress in taking forward Curriculum for Excellence and the school’s curriculum was described as ‘very good’. The inspectors found that “the curriculum motivated and challenged children and linked very well to real life contexts to deepen understanding and develop skills.”

The school’s links with the local community were praised and this was exemplified by the Reading Ladies group of local volunteers who work with children and encourage reading across the school.

Staff were found to have high expectations of children and involved them in making choices about their learning. The inspectors recommended that staff revisit how they use assessment, further develop how they plan for learning to support and maximise the potential of all learners and continue to develop children’s understanding of their strengths and next steps in learning.

Inspectors found that headteacher, Jennifer Blakeman, is a successful leader of learning and works very closely with staff. There was a strong sense of teamwork, staff were found to work well together, and to be fully involved in taking forward school developments.

The inspection found the school to have a number of key strengths including:

happy , enthusiastic children who enjoy learning

the use of real life contexts for learning

improvements in attainment in mental agility in mathematics and in writing

strong teamwork of staff and the leadership of the headteacher

Education Scotland awarded the curriculum an evaluation of ‘very good’ and all other areas were judged ‘good’.

Mr Campion, chair of the school’s parent council, said, “As a parent I ‘m delighted with the outcome of this inspection. It is a testament to the hard work and diligence of the head teacher, staff, and pupils.’

Councillor Jeff Leaver, chairman of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s education committee, said: “I’m very pleased with Education Scotland’s inspection report, which highlights the very good work being done at Port William Primary School. I’d like to thank and congratulate all staff and pupils who contributed towards this.”