Praise for officer rescue

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A POLICE officer who helped a person to safety following the outbreak of a fire in Stranraer has been praised by the fire service.

The officer arrived on the scene at FOundry Lane on Sunday at around 9.30pm before the fire service and fought through the smoke to assist a person attempting to flee through a heavily smoke-logged stairwell.

Three appliances arrived - two from Stranraer and one from Newton Stewart - and firefighters resuced one further casualty who was taken to hospital for treatment.

A fire service spokesperson said: “Firefighters used breathing apparatus and hose jets to extinguish the fire before using a etrol driven pressure fan to clear smoke from the flat and stairwell.

“The early and courageous intervention of a Police Officer before the arrival of the Fire and Rescue Service, undoubtedly minimised the casualty’s injuries.”

The Fire and Rescue Service would like to remind members of the public about the dangers of smoking in the home and the use of portable heaters.

Jim Waugh, Head of Fire Safety would encourage anyone who does not have a working smoke alarm to contact the Service to arrange for a free Home Fire Safety Check, where a ten year battery smoke alarm will be provided free of charge.

For further information contact a Community Safety Officer on 01387 252222.