Pothole misery for motorist

The  lump of roadway perched on the Cree Bridge
The lump of roadway perched on the Cree Bridge

MINNIGAFF resident Mhairi Marshall had a nasty surprise recently when she hit a huge lump of tar and the pothole it came out of on the Cree bridge.

Mhairi said that hitting the lump damaged her petrol tank and she can only put a small amount of fuel in at a time now. She has had the car checked at a local garage and is waiting to hear how much repairs will cost.

She said: “My experience could make other road users aware. I didn’t expect to hit the tar and the hole it come out on the Cree bridge in Minnigaff. Because a was vehicle travelling towards me and a vehicle was behind me I couldn’t stop in time and had to hit it.

“I was so angry I went straight back to take photographs of the hole and the lump but by the time I got there someone had lifted the lump of tar and placed it on the top of the Cree bridge.”

This week, Labour politicians 
slammed the ruling admini­stration for refusing to back an extra cash injection for pothole repairs. At a meeting of the council’s Policy and Resources Committee, Labour proposed the council increase investment in road repairs by an extra £1 million each year for the next three years. However, Tory, SNP and Independent councillors opposed the plan, claiming a temporary £1 million announced in February was enough.

Labour’s finance spokes­person Colin Smyth said: “There is a plague of potholes on our region’s roads and that is now going to get worse. The council has admitted there is a £106 million backlog in repairs needed and if investment continues at the current level, the backlog will grow.

“Under Labour’s proposals there would have been an extra £3 million spent over and above the £1 million agreed last month. That could have helped repair hundreds of roads across Dumfries and Galloway.”

On our Facebook page this week, readers reported pot holes so bad, “the road looked as though it had been carpet bombed”. Another said: “The road from Glentrool to Straiton has some you need ropes to climb out of.”