Postal voting packs start to hit the doormats

Ballot papers for postal voters for the European Parliamentary election have started arriving on doormats.

The European Parliamentary election will take place on Thursday 22 May and over 22,000 postal voting packs will be sent out to homes across Dumfries and Galloway.

Voters receiving these packs can decide who they are voting for now and send their ballot paper back by post.

Postal voters are encouraged to send back their vote so that it is received in good time. So, as soon as they have completed their ballot paper, it should put it in the envelope with the postal vote statement and post it back.

Alex Haswell, the Returning Officer for Dumfries and Galloway Council advises postal voters: “The packs have a new design for this election. It is a one piece mailer. This should make it easier for voters to complete. When you receive your postal voting pack, make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully before completing your ballot paper. Don’t forget to include your date of birth and signature on the postal voting statement (unless you have been granted a waiver). Follow the instructions in the pack to make sure your vote counts.”