Portpatrick pupils show off their Scots talent

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Pupils at Portpatrick recently had a special assembly in which the pupils showed off their talents in relation to Scots literature.

Mrs Sheila Baillie welcomed a large turn out of parents and friends to the school to see pupils being rewarded with certificates for their hard work in learning Scots poems.

During the afternoon both classes also performed musical numbers for the audience. P1-4 performed a humorous version of “Three Craws”, while the older pupils in p5-7 sang a traditional Scots song which they had been learning with the Feis Ros music specialists. Lara Cole from P5 also performed some traditional Scottish country dancing.

The afternoon conclude with Dillon Ritchie being presented with the junior Scots poetry recitation trophy, and Lara Cole receiving the trophy for the senior class.

The full results are below:

P1 Twa Leggit Mice - Abbi Johnstone (winner of recitation, handwriting and artwork).

P2 Dentist 1. Rowan Harbottle 2. Olivia Cumming 3. Rhian Palmer. Artwork - Rhian Palmer. Handwriting- Olivia Cumming.

P3 The Crocodile 1. Jenna Marshall 2. Lachlan Ross 3. Mia Santangeli .

Artwork - Mia Santangeli. Handwriting winner - Mia Santangeli and Jenna Marshall.

P4 The sair finger 1.Dillon Ritchie 2. Amelia Currie 3. Tilly Partington.

Artwork Dillon Ritchie. Handwriting – Tilly Partington .

P5 Wee Willie Winkie 1. Lara Cole 2. Magnus Ross 3. Finn Marshall.

Artwork – Isla Carter. Handwriting – Kelsey Stevenson.

P6 Cat food rap Ruth Belton 2. Connor Cousins.

Artwork – Connor Cousins. Handwriting – Ruth Belton.

P7 Address to the haggis 1.Leah Henry 2. Charlie Currie 3. Gregor Murchie

Artwork Charlie Currie. Handwriting – Leah Henry.