Port William Community Council notes

Potholes so big hitting them deploys your airbag was just one of the subjects discussed at Wednesday night’s meeting of the Port William Community Council.

The meeting began with Wigtown West community councillor Grahame Forster taking the chair to allow for the election of office bearers. Chairman Jock McMaster, Vice chairperson Anne Highman, Secretary Jenni Gray were all re-elected but treasurer Jim Gray intimated that due to health issues he would like to stand down. As there was no willing takers for the position at the meeting Jim agreed to carry on until a replacement was found.

Police have noted an increase in calls from concerned residents over disturbances at the top of the Church Street in the village. Officer Lynne Steel, attending the community council meeting, said they were aware of the number of “alcohol fuelled incidents” they had had to deal with of late. She added that there was to be a police “alcohol related initiative” taking place during June and July that would hopefully reduce “some the incidents that are occurring”.

The village’s community association was to be contacted about paying half of the cost of re-roofing the community garage on the harbour. Community councillor David Hirst said that the community council needed to know the association were paying their share of the estimated £3000 bill to avoid putting the repairs in jeopardy.

Secretary Jenni Gray said she had understood that “windfarm money” was to be used for the roof repairs but community councillor Ann Hirst said that was to be used to repair the gable ends of the building.

Troublesome potholes in Port William and the surrounding area were listed at the meeting. On particular note were two lying in wait for the unsuspecting driver on the A747 Port William to Glenluce road. Pauline Watkins said her car’s airbag had deployed when she hit it recently. Graham Forster was pleased to hear that she had called the council’s pothole helpline to report in as the council are liable if the pothole has been reported and it has nor dealt with it within in a reasonable timescale. The pothole hotline number is: 0845 276 0000.

Councillor Forster added that the new method of repairing potholes should mean a better road surface as the holes were now being sealed after being repaired.

An area of land that has become a unsightly tipping ground for an old boat, rubble and discarded tiles was reported to the community council by a member of the public. Community Councillor Anna Thompson had been approached by the concerned resident about the state of the disused road that leads to the Philip and Mary headland near West Barr Holiday Park.

Mrs Thompson said she was informed this was “a right of way” but David Hirst said no such thing existed in Scotland. There was, he said, a “right to roam but not right of way”. But as the land where the dumping had taken place was privately owned the community council could do nothing about it - that was up to the landowner.