Port William Community Council notes

THE members of Port William Community Council were asked to remember George Murray, a former chairman of the community council who had died earlier in the week. Chairman Jock McMaster said that everyone in the community council passed their condolences onto George’s family. Over many years service to his local community George had been instrumental in bringing many improvements into the village.

Port William Community Councillors had to do a damage limitation exercise after a Mochrum resident told a house hunter he would be better buying a home “in Cornwall or Portpatrick”. The CC were quick to respond to this news, which was posted on the village website. They replied stressing to the potential buyer that this was a isolated incident and not representative of the area’s residents. The man replied to say he was still looking for a home in the area, but Mochrum was now off his list.

New members of a planning sub-committee are to be recruited after it was felt objections should have been expressed about a new building that has gone up in South Street.

A member of the public said the house was “causing problems” and he was concerned that the value of his house could fall. He said he felt “let down by planning”. Other members said that there was nothing to be done as the time for lodging objections had now past.

Councillor Forster said that all community councils were statutory consultee on any planning applications in their area. The community council said that some members who had been on the planning sub-committee were no longer in the council and would have to be replaced. Secretary Barbara Allan said that in future the community council would have a much closer look at planning applications.

A large hole that appeared in the sea wall behind a property in South Street has now been repaired. Port William resident John Ambrose had expressed his concern about the hole at the July meeting of the CC as he was worried about children playing in the hole, which was potentially dangerous.

Mr Ambrose praised the quick response of he Community Council, saying that the chairman had arrived the next day with equipment to block off the hole. Dumfries and Galloway Council then sent workers within a few days to repair the damage. He said it was heartening to see what could be done when people worked together

“Congratulations! The system works”, he added.

A driver feedback sign at the north end of the village will be a permanent feature, the meeting was told by Wigtown West councillor Graeme Forster at the meeting.

The road from the Loch Head past Clantibues Farm has finally been resurfaced, after many months of complaints. Peter Williams, who uses the road regularly commented that it now resembled “a snooker table”.

The community council had been contacted by the local authority to find out their views on the licensing hours in the area. In a humorous aside, Chairman Jock McMaster said he personally would welcome a return to 10 o’ clock closing time. The feeling was that as there was no trouble in the street of the village whatever time the pub shut they were quite happy with the present arrangements.

A Port William resident said she was wondering if anything could be done about he amount of water that ran onto the road from the Mill Hill.

Chairman Jock McMaster said this had been a constant problem in the village for over 20 years. He said that there was plans to engage a local joiner to create a new drain at the foot of the hill to take the water into the outlet for the harbour.