Tory candidate tells Stranraer his plans

Alister Jack and supporters in Stranraer
Alister Jack and supporters in Stranraer

Conservative candidate Alister Jack visited Stranraer recently on the campaign trail ahead of the General Election.

A 53-year-old farmer and businessman, Mr Jack was raised in Dalbeattie and Kippford and now lives near Dumfries with wife Ann. They have three grown up children.

Mr Jack said: “This General Election offers Dumfries and Galloway residents a real opportunity to elect a Member of Parliament who they believe will stand up for their interests at Westminster, and I believe the choice on 8th June could not be clearer.

“It is a two horse race between myself as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate and the SNP who are only interested in breaking up our United Kingdom.

“Dumfries and Galloway had their say in the referendum in 2014 and overwhelmingly backed staying part of our United Kingdom. Those votes should have been respected, in what was, as the SNP put it, a ‘once in a generation opportunity’.

“Unfortunately, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are hell-bent on holding another divisive referendum rather than tackling the issues affecting our rural communities. Our GP crisis, our falling education standards, and the disaster that has been Police Scotland are just a few of their failures.

“The Labour vote has collapsed across this region. If you are a supporter of the United Kingdom then please back me as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate.

“I care deeply about the future prosperity of our beautiful region.

I believe that we need to bring more jobs to the region through improved transport infrastructure and better communications. Only by campaigning to have key roads like the A75 upgraded can we hope to bring more businesses to the region.

“Without more economic activity we will struggle to give our young the future career prospects they deserve locally.

I strongly oppose independence, or indeed any break up of our United Kingdom.

“I see no need for another divisive referendum that creates instability at a time when our focus must be on securing a good Brexit deal for the United Kingdom, and thereby Scotland.

“In short, what matters most is industry not independance.

“Across Dumfries and Galloway we can send the SNP a message on 8th June - we do not want a second referendum.”