Local doctor to stand for Labour

Dr Daniel Goodare.
Dr Daniel Goodare.

Local doctor, Daniel Goodare, has been selected by the Scottish Labour Party to stand in the Dumfries and Galloway Constituency at the UK General Election on 8 June.

Dr Goodare (42) is an A&E and acute medical doctor who works in Galloway Community Hospital. An experienced GP, he said he has seen first-hand the challenges facing the NHS as a result of cuts in public spending in recent years.

Daniel is a specialist in remote medicine and provides specialist care across the country and internationally.

Prior to working in the Galloway he worked in Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary and has worked as a doctor across the globe, including in the Calais refugee camp, Antarctica and Kazakhstan.

Daniel lives in Twynholm with his wife and their six children. His wife is the chair of parent council at Kirkcudbright Academy, and they enjoy reading and hillwalking in their spare time.

Speaking about his selection Daniel said: “I’m not a politician and I’ve never stood for election before. But working as a Doctor has given me a great insight into the current state of our public services like our NHS.

“It is that insight which has worried me enough to put my career aside and step up to the mark to fight for the very future of those services.

“Some people want to use this election to be about brexit and an independence referendum and that’s their choice. But there is a real danger that the huge challenges facing our NHS and other local services will get forgotten about until it is too late, if we don’t have people fighting to defend those services.

“I want to bring my kids up in an area that ensures we invest properly in our schools and hospitals. Our politicians need to wake up to the fact that there are simply not enough trained people to serve the NHS. It is crippling and completely unnecessary.

“In politics, we need people who actually understand what needs to be done to ensure the NHS is fit for purpose now and in the future. I joined the Labour Party many years ago because I saw decent people who want to make society, fairer and kinder and stronger. But I felt now was the time to step forward and try to put that into practise by standing for election.”