Labour-SNP partnership leads in Dumfries and Galloway

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Dumfries and Galloway Council today agreed to a Labour-SNP administration with Councillor Elaine Murray as Leader and Councillor Rob Davidson as Depute Leader.

In a joint statement, Councillor Elaine Murray, Leader, and Councillor Rob Davidson, Depute Leader, said:

“Our groups have a common understanding of what we believe needs to be done for the benefit of Dumfries and Galloway and we very much look forward to working together as an administration to deliver our shared ambitions for our region. To do this, we understand the need for real partnership and trust. We’re committed to working together for the benefit of our communities, we’ve both stepped up to that to that responsibility today, and we’re confident that we’ll work together effectively and constructively.

“Both groups have put aside our political differences on constitutional issues to concentrate on what needs to be done in the interests of the people and communities in our region. Both parties in this partnership are committed to tackling poverty, to opposing austerity, and protecting, as far as we can, our most vulnerable individuals and communities from its effects.

“We’re determined to provide the best opportunities for our children and young people and will drive forward our Council’s innovative plans for education.

“We’re ambitious for our local economy, to promote our region’s traditional strengths – farming and forestry, tourism, food and drink, culture, leisure, energy, and the environment – and seek new opportunities for economic development.

“We aspire to regenerate our town centres, to improve the connectivity of our region, to develop the skills of our people, and to attract others to take up employment in this most beautiful part of Scotland.

“This is a partnership that is passionate about delivering for Dumfries and Galloway and we have combined our party priorities into a partnership agreement. With 22 councillors providing an overall majority, and committed to these priorities, we can provide the strong and stable leadership needed to deliver our ambitions and those of the people of Dumfries and Galloway.”

The Council also agreed on the size of committees, proportionality, and committee chairs and vice chairs.

Policy and Resources

Chair: Rob Davidson

Vice-Chair: Elaine Murray

Children, Young People and Lifelong Learning [CYPLL]

Chair: Jeff Leaver

Vice-Chair: Ros Surtees

Economy, Environment and Infrastructure [EEI]

Chair: Archie Dryburgh

Vice-Chair: Andrew Wood

Social Work Service

Chair: Stephen Thompson

Vice-Chair: David McKie


Chair: Andy Ferguson

Vice-Chair: John Martin

Planning Applications

Chair: Jim Dempster

Vice-Chair: John Campbell

Wigtown Area Committee

Chair: Tommy Sloan

Vice-Chair: Katie Hagmann

Stewartry Area Committee

Chair: John Young

Vice-Chair: Davie Stitt