Harper calls for more detail about A75 recommndations

South Scotland list MSP Emma Harper has written to the Secretary of State for Scotland with five questions on the recommendations made in the UK Government commissioned Union Connectivity Review (UCR) for the A75.

Emma Harper is seeking further clarity about the UCR recommendations for the A75
Emma Harper is seeking further clarity about the UCR recommendations for the A75

Specifically, Ms Harper has asked:

Given the Union Connectivity Review recommendation to provide funding to the Scottish Government for improvements to the A75, can you provide a commitment that the UK Government will fully support how additional funding would be spent to improve the A75, and that the improvements and upgrades will be managed wholly by the Scottish Government, given that transport is a matter devolved to Holyrood?Can you provide information on how much funding will be given to the Scottish Government to upgrade and improve the A75?Will proposed additional funding be new money and not money which has already been ringfenced to come to Scotland through the Barnet formula?Can you outline the timescale for this funding to be provided to the Scottish Government, which will allow much needed, and indeed much lobbed for, upgrades to the A75 to go ahead?Should the Scottish Government’s STPR2 make recommendations for improvements to the A75 – as I hope is the case - will the UK Government respect these decisions and allow the Scottish Government to fully implement these improvements?

Ms Harper said: “Given transport is devolved, and the Scottish Government have a process underway to identify transport improvements, I am pleased the UCR has not committed the UK Government to upgrading any transport infrastructure in Scotland.

"Instead, and this is the important point, the UCR made recommendations for the UK Government to make funding available to the Scottish Government for investment in and upgrades to the A75.

“I look forward to hearing back from the Scottish Secretary.”