Arkless joins youth parliament campaign trail

Richard Arkless MP with MSYP candidates Emma Currie and Neal McCulloch.
Richard Arkless MP with MSYP candidates Emma Currie and Neal McCulloch.

Dumfries and Galloway MP Richard Arkless recently joined two local MYSP candidates Emma Currie and Neal McCulloch out on the campaign trail in Stranraer.

Emma and Neal are both standing to become Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MYSP) in the 2017 elections which will be held in March.

The Scottish Youth Parliament represents Scotland’s young people and ensures that as a nation, the values and voices of children and young adults are actively listened to.

MYSPs range in age from 14-25 and are democratically elected every two years with each of Scotland’s 32 different Local Authorities being represented by two members.

Mr Arkless said: “I was delighted to spend some time with Emma and Neal this morning. Their enthusiasm for the political process was infectious and I enjoyed chatting to them about what they hoped to achieve is they were successful in seeking election.”

The SYP is independent of any political affiliations and Richard was keen to point out that he supports all MSYP candidates adding that he felt ‘very proud of any young person that stands for election to try to effect a positive change in the lives of the people they represent’.

He added: “I would encourage everyone who is able to vote in these elections to take part and to encourage others to do so too. Our young people are the future of our democracy and active political participation at a young age will ensure that we build a Scotland that reflects the hopes and aspirations of all of our young people.”