Police yet to trace lorry following fatal collision

Police have confirmed that they are still making efforts to trace the lorry that struck 19-year old Kieran Currie, leading his death at the weekend.

The Newton Stewart teenager was hit at around 2.40am on Saturday morning on the A75 at Calgow Farm.

Shortly after the crash a number of eastbound heavy goods vehicles were traced and checked and villages and lay-bys were patrolled in an effort to trace the vehicle.

Inspector Neil Hewitson, Roads Policing Inspector for Police Scotland said: “This is a tragic set of circumstances which has left a young 19 year old man dead. We are appealing to anyone who was using the A75 road in the Newton Stewart area at around 2.40am on Saturday 17 August 2013 to get in touch with police through 101.

“The lorry which appears to have struck Kieran has yet to be traced, and it may well be that the driver of that vehicle is unaware that he has been in a collision. We are appealing for anyone who may have been in the area at that time to get in touch, and in particular, we want to hear from the drivers of all heavy goods vehicles who were on the A75 driving east around that time. Likewise we are keen to speak to the occupants of a small blue coloured car who stopped at the scene of the crash shortly after it happened and offered assistance.”