Police will be out in force this Christmas

Police in Dumfries and Galoway have sent out a festive plea for good behavious from revellers enjoying the Christmas cheer.

Police said while the emergency services want people to have a good time, they want to remind them that the number of people passing through either the cells in police stations or the doors of the accident and emergency units rise at this time of year – and by far the majority of the incidents dealt with are as a direct result of taking too much alcohol.

Police Scotland will be out in force across the towns and villages in Dumfries and Galloway to help keep people safe at this busy time.

They will be working with partners to ensure that those who want to have a good time can do so without their evening being spoiled by the few who would want to do so.

The message to be taken on board is that antisocial behaviour will be dealt with firmly and officers will be working with partners in the licensed trade to ensure that those who are out taking drink are doing so in a responsible manner, and are aware what the consequences might be when too much is taken.

Police Scotland Operational Commander for Dumfries and Galloway, Mike Leslie said: “Police Scotland are not out to spoil the festive period.

“But, we do want people to understand that they need to consider the consequences of their actions when they take too much drink. Having a good time should not impact on those who just want to have a peaceful festive season.

“They have a right to have a quality of life as well, and we will be out in numbers, in all areas of the division, to make sure they do.

“This year, let the last Friday before Christmas, traditionally when people break up for the holidays, be remembered as Festive Friday, and not Black Eye Friday, as people go out to celebrate at office and works parties.”

Advice is to limit the alcohol taken, ensure a licensed taxi is booked for home time, avoid taking to the roads even after “just the one” and make sure someone know where you are going.