Police warning over water hazards

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Police in Galloway are urging people to be aware of the dangers associated with jumping into rivers or lochs during the hot weather.

They have also reminded parents to alert their children of the risks involved with playing near or in water.

The warning comes as the current spell of good weather is forecast to continue into the weekend. During the spells of hot weather many are tempted to cool down in a local river or loch and, with water levels being lower at the moment, it may give the impression that it is safe to enter. Police say people should remember that there may be areas of water that are deeper than they look, and undergrowth, rubbish and various other obstacles beneath the surface can present many dangers.

Inspector Stuart Wilson, from the Community Policing Unit, said: “We are currently enjoying a rare prolonged spell of hot weather and people understandably want to make the most of it. However, we should all still behave sensibly.

“Do not be rash around water, jump off bridges or go into deep areas as there could be strong currents or undergrowth that you are not aware of. We would not encourage jumping off bridges as you could misjudge the level of the water, get trapped in undergrowth or have difficulty with the water current.

“Children should not play in or near water unsupervised; it only takes a second for a young child to get into difficulties and if there is no adult nearby the consequences could be tragic.

“Do not underestimate the dangers water can bring. We would ask all parents to remind their children to be safe and be sensible. Any parent or guardian seeking guidance on beach and water safety is encouraged to contact the Coastguard agency.”