Police warning over lottery scam

Police are again issuing a warning on a lottery scam which is currently circulating in the Galloway area.

The potential victim receives correspondence either by post, telephone or email informing them that they have won a considerable amount of money in an international lottery or prize draw.

However, in order to claim the winnings they are instructed to send a sum of money by electronic transfer or courier for “administration purposes”. Even though this fee is paid the cash prize never arrives.

Sergeant Emma Dodds, from the Crime Reduction Unit, said: “There are many different types of scams that fraudsters use, with this being just one example.

“If you haven’t entered a lottery or prize draw then you cannot have won it and official lotteries will not ask for a fee to collect any winnings.

“If you receive unsolicited mail or telephone calls asking you to part with money, no matter how official they may appear, then be suspicious. Never send any money or give out any bank details to people you do not know or trust. Unfortunately, if it appears too good to be true then it normally is.”

If anyone would like further advice then we would ask them to contact their local crime reduction officer on 101.