Police warning over dangerous dogs

IN recent months there has been a significant increase locally in the number of complaints received in relation to dangerous dogs.

These have ranged from dogs running loose in the streets, dogs being attacked and worst of all members of the public including children being bitten or frightened by uncontrolled dogs.

Police would like to take this opportunity to advise all owners or the person in charge of a dog whilst it is in their care that it is their responsibility to keep the dog under control at all times.

Constable Kevin Wylie, Community Police Officer/Dog Handler based at Stranraer ssai: “When dogs are being walked in public places we recommend that for safety reasons that they should be kept on a lead. If you have a dog which can be aggressive in anyway - whether it be towards other dogs or members of the public - owners should consider muzzling it.

“It should be noted by all dog owners that if your dog bites, the responsibility lies with you or the person in charge of the dog at that time and could result in you or that person being prosecuted and your dog may be destroyed. Owners should also be aware that police have the powers to seize a dog which is considered as being dangerously out of control.

“Many people believe that dangerous dogs are large breeds such as German Shepherd sized dogs, but in fact any dog from a Jack Russell to a Great Dane can be considered as dangerous depending on the circumstances.”

“Please remember if you are walking your dog/s in an open area where they are permitted to be off the lead and they run towards another dog which is on a lead, whilst your dog may not be aggressive the one on the lead might be. If you happen to be walking your dog off lead and you see another dog nearby put your dog back on the lead until they are both a safe distance apart.”

“The above are a few simple steps that I’m sure all responsible dog owners agree that when followed can avoid unnecessary bites and attacks that will help keep dogs as mans best friend and stop them from becoming public enemy number one.”

If anyone has any concerns in relation to dangerous dogs please contact Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary on 0845 600 5701.