Police warn plankers: act your age

Planking at the town clock
Planking at the town clock
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POLICE in Galloway are reminding members of the public to be aware of the dangers associated with the so-called ‘planking’ craze as two youths from the area were given ASBO fines.

The pair, aged 17 and 18 and another two from further in the east of the region aged 18 and 19, each received a £40.00 anti-social behaviour ticket at the weekend after they were found to be planking on private property or in dangerous situations.

This comes after news that Newton Stewart plankers were charged following the public posting on the internet of photos showing them planking on the A75 in the path of oncoming lorries and on private rooftops.

Planking is a current and pointless trend were people, particularly youths, lie horizontally face down in inappropriate or severe situations and take photos of their pose. They then upload it to the internet to show off to their friends.

Sergeant Steven Wilson said: “This stupid behaviour may be a bit of a laugh to a few kids, however we have found some youngsters are trying to outdo each other by going to extreme methods or locations to post their picture.

“We are clamping down on this kind of behaviour because in short, if you damage property or are on private property it is likely to be an offence.

“If you fall or are injured whilst carrying out these actions, the emergency services have to spend time helping you when this could easily be avoided. We are not actively trying to be a killjoy on this trend but the people involved must put a bit of perspective on it all. It might be fun and a laugh to compete with friends, however you would not like a stranger damaging your own property and more significantly, you would not want any harm coming to your friends and family due to an irresponsible prank.

“Consider other peoples’ property, belongings and be careful, don’t take risks when you do not need to. Or even better - just give it a miss altogether and find something more suited to your age to spend time doing.”