Police target street racers

As a result of a number of complaints regarding irresponsible driving behaviour by ‘street racers’, a local initiative took place in Stranraer and the surrounding area over the weekend of Friday 9th October to Monday 12th October.

A police spokersperson said: “Over the duration Officers carried out static and mobile road checks to educate drivers and to reduce instances of speeding, excessive noise, littering and breaches of Road Traffic Legislation.

“The aim of the initiative was to have a positive outcome and deter ‘Street Racers’ from speeding and driving irresponsibly, whilst also addressing community concerns regarding anti-social behaviour, vehicle road worthiness, and noise associated with their use of vehicles.”

As a result of this initiative the following results were recorded:-

* over 40 vehicles stopped and checked

* 9 Vehicle Rectification Notices issued in relation to various offences

* 3 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued in relation to illegal tyres,

* 1 parking ticket issued

* 1 construction and use offence was detected

* 7 warnings issued regarding driving behaviour, parking etc

Constable Deryck Cluckie at Stranraer said: “Over the course of the weekend a number of drivers were stopped and their vehicles checked. This initiative was more about educating and warning people that nuisance driving and the associated issues will not be tolerated.”