Police refute anti-social behaviour claims

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DESPITE two letters to this newpaper from residents in the town expresssing their concerns about late night anti-social behaviour in Newton Stewart, the police say they have not noticed any increase in complaints.

Inspector Stuart Davidson, area commander for Newton Stewart, said: “I am aware of the two letters in the local paper. However, police have not received any increase in calls of anti-social behaviour relating to calls in Victoria Street/Queen Street areas of Newton Stewart.

“There have been very few calls to this area in the past month.

“We continue to monitor patrons leaving all the licensed premises in the town and I appreciate that obviously some weekends may be busier than others with people leaving these premises.

“We work closely with the licensees to ensure there is little or no impact for the nearby residents and ask the public that if there is anything ongoing which we may be unaware of that was witnessed by them, they call police at the time with the relevant information.

“I try to ensure our police officers are as visible as possible in order to prevent incidents of anti-social behaviour during late night weekends and early mornings. However, we cover a large area and have responsibility for policing and responding to calls in other areas of Newton Stewart and the Machars.

“The community continue to be our eyes and ears at times, and our positive results are down to the local people providing vital information at the time to assist us. Please continue to contact police on 0845 600 5701 or crime stoppers should you wish to report any incident of anti social behaviour.”