Police probing sectarian abuse incident in Newton Stewart

Police officers in Newton Stewart are continuing to make enquiries into a sectarian incident.

The incident occurred somewhere between the Cattle Market and Dashwood Square in the town at around 6.30pm on Thursday 15 October.

At that time a 10 year-old boy was cycling along the road when he was subjected to a tirade of sectarian abuse from the front seat passenger of what is thought to be a Vauxhall Corsa car which pulled up alongside him.

The passenger is described as being male with ginger hair and was wearing a grey coloured cardigan.

There appears to have been a total of three people in the car when the incident occurred.

Constable Kelly Shields at Newton Stewart said: “This was an awful act of abuse and the lad in question, who was minding his own business was clearly upset by this incident.

“He was wearing a Celtic football top when the incident happened and I am appealing to anyone who may have seen this incident, or can help us trace the occupants of the car to get in touch through 101.

“The car in question is thought to have been a light coloured one with a dark roof and tinted windows.”

One reader on the Galloway Gazette facebook page said: “That’s awful, poor wee soul, what’s this place coming to?

“A wean wearing the colours of the football team he supports and is subject to a serious of secterian abuse which looks as if it was an adult?

“Hopefully this person is caught soon and seriously dealt with as this is so out of order.”

Another comment read: “Further up the west coast of Scotland this is just a normal ugly every day event, sorry to say.”

Cree Valley Community Council Chairman, Tom Greenaway, said: “I find the recent incident, where a young person was subjected to sectarian abuse because he was wearing the wrong colour of football shirt very disturbing, I had hoped this was a thing of the past, this sort of mob violence has no place in a modern society, and certainly no place in Newton Stewart.

“We pride ourselves on our tolerance and friendliness here, let’s hope incidents of this sort are stopped.

“I hope the police appreciate the seriousness of this incident and try and locate these hooligans as soon as possible.”