Police praise after festival

Police Scotland has praised well-behaved festival-goers following a quiet weekend in the cells but they still managed to seize £3000 of drugs.

There were only a few matters of disorder and thefts reported, police said on Monday, and nothing of a particularly serious nature.

Around 100 people and a number of vehicles were stopped and searched in relation to drugs offences which resulted in about£3000 worth of illegal drugs being seized and several people will now be reported for drug supply and possession offences.

Police Scotland said that these figures, on the back of around 15,000 who attended over the weekend, “show that only a handful were involved in this type of behaviour and they were removed from the Wickerman Festival site due to the drugs policy that was in place by the event organisers.”

As the festivalgoers left on Sunday, those driving off the site were offered the opportunity to take a voluntary breathalyser test to check on their fitness to drive on the public roads and there were no reported issues on the road network reported.

Chief Inspector Irvine Watson, Galloway Area Commander said: “We want to thank those who attended the festival for their generally good behaviour and cooperation with the police and other agencies involved in the security and wellbeing of all those on site.”

“We have developed good working relationships with the organisers over the years and this experience helped towards a professionally run event.

“I would also like to acknowledge the excellent standard of the security and stewards who assisted us over the weekend.

“Our policing operation ran smoothly and this is down in no small part to the engagement of local officers with the festival-goers and the sensible attitude and good behaviour of the majority who attended the event.

“There was a general good natured feel to the whole weekend. The low numbers of arrests is a credit to those who came along to the festival.”