Police on hand for busy festive time

ONCE again the region’s public services are gearing up for the busy Christmas and New Year period.

Whether it’s dealing with the rise in crime though shoplifting, fraud or other types of dishonesty that come along at this time of year, or the consequences of the misuse of alcohol throughout the party season, the emergency services will be busy round the clock.

This time of year brings a rise in the numbers of people arrested, and those attending the region’s Accident and Emergency Units where the abuse of alcohol was a major factor.

Inspector Rory Caldow, Community and Criminal Justice lead for the force said: “This is not about spoiling people’s fun or putting a dampner on those who traditionally set out to enjoy themselves at this time of year.

“However, people need to understand that there are clear dangers associated with taking too much drink. All we ask is that people carefully consider the way that they drink, and their consequent behaviour. We ask people to drink and act responsibly. We don’t want our cells full of people arrested because of the consequences of taking too much drink.

“Similarly the NHS won’t want to see, as they often do, a rise in alcohol related admissions through doors of the Accident and Emergency Units. Injuries from accidents, falls, assaults and other alcohol related cases such as stupification and unconsciousness can all be avoided if people just take time to consider carefully their alcohol intake.

“Our aim is to work with the public to ensure that everyone has a good time and enjoy the festivities. We will have extra officers out and about over this period and we will deal firmly with those who set out to spoil the fun of other by their behaviour.”

Antisocial behaviour by those who disturb the lives of others or place themselves in personal danger through over indulgence in alcohol will be the focus of extra police patrols. They will patrol town centres, visit licensed premises and hospitals, and will work across our local communities where such behaviour is known to take place. Any offenders traced will be firmly dealt with.

Members of the licensed trade are key partners in preventing drunken behaviour. Licensees, staff and door stewards will remind customers that they should drink sensibly and that those who over indulge will not be allowed access to licensed premises and will be refused any further drink.

The aim for police over the festive period is to work with the public to ensure that everyone has a good time and enjoys the festivities without impacting on the quality of life of others, and eliminate the need to call the emergency services.