Police launch Operation Nickel

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Officers in Dumfries and Galloway have launched Operation Nickel.

The division-wide initiative kicked off this week and run throughout the summer. The operation is specifically targeting tool and scrap thefts in the area.

The region has been victim to a spate of rural crime recently with tools and other scrap metals being specifically targeted. Power tools are proving attractive to thieves due to their ease of disposal and amount of cash being made from them. They have been stolen from vehicles, property and other outlying buildings.

Police are urging members of the public to be vigilant against any suspicious activity or visitors to their properties. They have asked the public to report anyone who attends the property asking for scrap metal and to note the details of vehicles they may be using or appear to be suspicious.

Constable Lindsay Roberts said: “Secure all your property, lock it in sheds or make sure it is out of sight. If you have tools within your vehicle, take the most expensive of tools and keep indoors. There have been numerous vans targeted with thieves appropriating the most expensive of work related equipment and tools.

“Consider marking your property, either by UV pen, etching, painting them or using a DNA marking system. (Details can be obtained by contacting your local Crime Reduction Officer at any Police Station.)”

If you are offered tools or scrap metal in dubious circumstances report it to police immediately. If you see any suspicious vehicles in your area inform police on ‘101’. There is also a police Facebook and Twitter page where this information can be passed.