Police issue safety warning

Police in Dumfies and Galloway are asking people who use our streets at this time of year to stay bright, stay alert and stay safe.

Those who cycle on the region’s roads and pedestrians are asked to ensure they can be seen and be safe in the reduced daylight hours through the winter.

Cyclists should ensure they have lights that work and should consider wearing something bright.

Pedestrians are also asked to wear something bright and should stay alert for others, including cyclists and motorists, to ensure they can be seen. Mini music systems with earphones or mobile phones are a distraction and can impair what you hear on our roads.

Inspector Neil Hewitson, of the roads policing unit, said: “Our roads and pavements have never been busier and we ask everyone using them to stay alert to what is happening around them. In particular, the use of earphones and mobile phone can distract you from what is actually happening round about you on your journey. At this time of year it is important to stay visible and the use of bright, reflective clothing can help alert your presence to others using the roads. Our roads in Dumfries and Galloway are generally safe, so let’s keep it that way.”