Police focus on Stranraer sneak-thiefs

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POLICE are concerned regarding the rise in sneak-in thefts within the Stranraer area.

Temporary Sergeant Clark Logie states. “Despite previous warnings residents continue to leave doors unlocked and windows open.”

“This is very much an opportunist crime, with individuals trying door handles until they find one which is unlocked or looking for a window that has been left open.”

“Individuals who commit this type of crime do not care if someone is in the house, as they have their excuses ready. ‘I am looking for my friend, they’re having a party, sorry I must have the wrong house.’

“It is also important you do not leave purses, handbags or wallets where they are visible, at very least they should be stored out of sight.”

“This type of crime does not only happen during the hours of darkness and it is equally important that residents close and lock exterior doors when they are in their house during the day.”

Anyone looking for more specific security advice is asked to contact their local crime reduction officer on 0845 600 5701.