Police crack down on underage drinkers

POLICE have begun a campaign to keep an eye on underage drinking in the area as the summer holidays begin.

The start of the summer holidays traditionally brings more young people to the attention of police, and sadly Accident and Emergency Units with the results of excess drinking.

This year a joint campaign by Community Learning and the police will see the distribution of leaflets which highlight the offences surrounding the supply of alcohol to young people under 18 years, whilst also highlighting where support and advice about young people and alcohol issues can be obtained.

The lead officer for alcohol for Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary, Temporary Chief Superintendent Gary Small said: “The misuse of alcohol continues to be a significant concern for the police. We are reminded of this by troubled members of the public, elected members and our partner agencies. Consequently, we endeavour to deal with all problematic issues in relation to alcohol quickly and effectively. The use and purchase of alcohol by young people is certainly one of these issues that is emerging and something we are endeavouring to address by enforcement and working with our partners in treatment services. The awareness leaflet highlights to parents and young people the dangers and consequences of alcohol use.”

Copies of the leaflet will be distributed over the coming weeks and can be obtained from any police office, or on line at www.dgpolice.uk