Police anger over drunk drivers

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POLICE are appalled following a shocking weekend of driver behaviour in Galloway.

Three drivers were caught unfit over the weekend, with one local 33 year old man being caught twice in a three day spell.

The first was on John Simpson Drive, Stranraer on Thursday 14 April and he was caught unfit a second time on McDowall Drive on Sunday 17 April. He appeared in Stranraer Sheriff Court yesterday morning (Monday 18 April) receiving a three year ban and a £780 pound fine.

A local 42 year old woman was involved in a road traffic collision near Whithorn on Saturday 16 April. She appeared in court as well and received a 30 month ban and a £500 fine.

A local 24 year old male will also be reported to the Procurator Fiscal in relation to a drink driving offence. He pled not guilty and the case will continue at a later date.

Sergeant Billy McEwan from Galloway Roads Policing Unit said: “We were alarmed at the number of drink and drug drivers reported in any case, but finding repeat offenders in that short time period only highlights how disturbing some people’s attitudes are to driving.

“The fact that these drivers both received bans reflects the severity of the offence. Drink or drug drivers endanger the lives of all road users. You need to be fully in control of the vehicle you are driving, if you are impaired in any way then chances are you will be involved in a collision.

“Don’t risk it, it is simply not worth it. The general public now do not stand for drink drivers on the roads and if you are seen, you will be reported to us. If caught you will lose your licence.

“Following this behaviour we are going to step up our police patrols in the region. Clearly there are still some drivers who think it is acceptable to drive whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. If you suspect a drink driver on the road contact us on 0845 600 5701