Police adress problems at Port’s Mouth

Anti-social behaviour in an enclosed walkway in Whithorn is escalating to a “worrying degree”, according to the chairman of the Royal Burgh’s community council.

Francis O’Neill reported to community councillors and elected members at a recent meeting that the Port’s Mouth in Whithorn, known locally as “The Gully”, was often used as a urinal as well as being strewn with broken glass and litter, making it a no-go area for pedestrians, and forcing them onto the roadway.

Previous complaints have resulted in a visit from the officers from the council’s environmental health unit and the the antisocial behaviour team were also informed.

But after further complaints Mr O’Neill took the step of meeting Inspector Stuart Davidson at Newton Stewart Police Station last week. The CC chairman said afterwards that the outcome of the talks was “very positive”.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes was also keen for action to be taken to address the “wholly unacceptable” situation. He pointed out that the gully led to a well used footpath linking Kilncroft with the main street of the town. He added that he would do “all in my power to support the community council in this issue”.