Ploughing is a family affair!

Alan M Ramsay, Alan Ramsay and Alan F Ramsay
Alan M Ramsay, Alan Ramsay and Alan F Ramsay

Old Luce Ploughing Society held its 165th match recently at Gillespie Farm, Glenluce, home of past SPCA chairman and three times Scottish Ploughing Champion Alan Ramsay.

This year three generations of the family competed, with Alan senior winning the overall championship and his 13-year-old grandson, Alan Murray Ramsay, closely following in reserve position. Son Alan, last year’s champion, had to be content with fourth place this year.

The judges for the day were David Kirkpatrick and Robert McDiarmant from Dumfries and the prize-winners were as follows.

Two Furrow Class: 1. Alan F Ramsay, 2. Alan M Ramsay, 3. Willie McHarrie, 4. Alan Ramsay, 5. Robert Agnew, 6. Drew Murdoch, 7. Bobby Downie, 8. Robin Stewart; Reversible Class: 1. James McKie, 2. Andrew McWilliam, 3. Matthew Henry, 4. James McHarrie, 5. James McColm; Juniors: 1. Alan M Ramsay, 2. Andrew McWilliam; Overall Champion: Alan F Ramsay; Reserve Champion: Alan M Ramsay.