Playpark in Euan’s memory

A Portpatrick playground has been refurbished in memory of a local boy, after members of the community received a £25,000 grant to renovate the play area he loved.

Euan’s Playspace opened to the public last week, dedicated to Euan Harbottle, who died last year, aged four, after suffering a reaction to the chicken pox virus.

His mum, dad and a group of local volunteers decided to raise the money to revamp the local playground, so that people across the community have a place to enjoy and remember him.

Euan’s mum, Sian Roberts, said: “Although Euan’s life was short, it was one that was always filled with fun and laughter, so we wanted to create a special place that his siblings and friends from nursery can enjoy.

“The new playground looks brilliant, and as well as new play equipment there are places where people who knew Euan can reflect and remember what a special person he was.”

The funding for the playground was provided after Euan’s parents applied for a Community Award from OneFamily. Through its twice yearly awards the financial mutual allows its customers to nominate a cause that they care about for a life changing sum. The playground has now been completely revamped and includes a wooden train, toy boat and climbing structures.

Sian added: “So many people across the local community have supported the project and we’re unbelievably thankful to everyone that voted for us to win the award. The £25,000 means that we’ve been able to create a legacy for our son, and build a space that people can enjoy for years to come.”

The second round of Community Awards are now open, and OneFamily customers with an active policy can nominate a cause that’s important to them here: