Plans in place for DGOne

Dumnfries and Galloway Council’s policy and resources committee this week agreed to capital development of the Loreburn Hall to provide fitness facilities during the closure of the dry side of DGOne.

The committee also agreed to transfer the building to the Loreburn Hall Community Trust, which will operate the facility with a full-cost lease.

The committee agreed to provide a temporary swimming pool at Dumfries Ice Bowl while the wet side of DGOne is closed, the cost of which will be included in the claim against against Keir.

It was agreed by the committee that capital works will now start on October 6 or the earliest opportunity after that.

In January 2013, the policy and resources committee was informed of the capital remedial works required at DGOne and the estimated time that the building would need to be closed.

In May 2013, the committee was updated on progress in making alternative arrangements for customers and staff during the closure, which was estimated at 17 months.

In June 2013, the committee was given information on legal proceedings, planned capital remedial works, alternative provision of services during the closure, and staffing implications.

In September 2013, having considered available options, the committee agreed that a temporary pool be erected at the Ice Bowl in Dumfries and that a fitness suite be temporarily located in the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries.

In November 2013, the committee received information on progress made on legal proceedings, planned capital remedial works and timescales, and options for service provision during the closure, including the Loreburn Hall and a temporary swimming pool to be located at the Ice Bowl in Dumfries. It was agreed that capital works would start soon as possible after August 25. To allow sufficient time for the regulatory planning process and detailed programme planning, and to ensure that the annual Blue Bonnets event can take place at DGOne from October 3-5, the committee agreed today that the capital works will start on October 6.