Planning applications lodged for week ending 19 December

SANDHEAD, side of 2 Church Road, installation of telecommunications cabinet. Applicant CATSURVEYS Group (14/C/1/0050).

SORBIE, on the side of 1 Main Street on Wigtown Road, installation of telecommunications cabinet, Applicant CATSURVEYS Group (14/C/1/0051).

WIGTOWN, Elmgrove, Station Road, felling of 1 sycamore and 1 sweet chesnut tree. Applicant Mr Jeremy Stephens (14/M/1/0007).

STONEYKIRK, Culmore, erection of dwellinghouse and installation of septic tank, soakaway and oil storage tank. Applicant Mr and Mrs A Richardson (14/P/1/0676).

KIRKCOWAN, 2 Wellhouse Road, erection of extension to rear of dwellinghouse. Applicant Mr Adair (14/P/1/0679).

CREETOWN, on the side of 2 Harbour Street, installation of a telecommunications cabinet. Applicant BT Telecoms (14/P/2/0463).

DUNDRENNAN, West Kirkcarswell House, alterations and erection of two storey extension to dwellinghouse and erection of double garage/garden store. Applicant Mr and Mrs Rubinstein (14/P/2/0474).